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Create a personal mailbox in one, or all, of our 5 categories. People will be able to leave you hot messages 24/7, even when you’re not on the line.


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Chicago is the best city for real gay chat

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Chicago. Home of the Boystown gayborhood and it just gets better and better! Deep dish pizza, museums, festivals — the date possibilities are endless! But let’s be honest, dating is hard. We all know it can be awkward and uncomfortable, and those blind dates with the guy who doesn’t know when to stop with the cologne are old news. But you’ve done the lonely nights and the month-long dry spells so it’s time to get out there again. This is it. You’ve signed up for a dating service and they’ve come through with a match made in internet heaven! Now come the butterflies and worrying about planning a truly awesome date. Check out our top picks to knock it right out of Wrigley Park!

Bae Watch!

Get your tan on at Kathy Osterman Beach on W Hollywood Avenue and Lake Shore Drive. With a nickname like Hollywood Beach you’re sure to be oiling up with A-list booty. Head down to the south side of the beach where the gay is good and mingle away. Cruise the local talent before cooling yourself off by finding that perfect skinny-dipping partner.

Steam and Work It!

If you’re not into the whole sand-in-uncomfortable-places scene then Chicago has you covered. Steamworks at 3246 N Halsted Street is THE prime bathhouse in The Windy City! Pump up those muscles and be ready to pump someone else in the gym, before heading to the multi-man whirlpool and getting frisky under the bubbles. Spice it up in one of the public play rooms or get sexy in a sling. With private rooms and porn on play you’ll be in for a very happy ending. Here’s a tip: whatever you do, be sure to check out their infamous “Windy City Blowholes”!

Shop It Like It’s Hot!

Who doesn’t love a shopping trip? Boystown has THE best gayborhood shopping with something for everyone! Find your inner Queen at Beatnix at 3400 N Halsted Street. Thrifty thrills and fierce fashion are what Beatnix is allllll about and you’re sure to spot some devilish drag queens stocking up. Head over to Unabridged Books next at 3251 N Broadway, and browse the shelves for seriously saucy adult picture books, gay titles and men's magazines. Finish up your spending spree at Egoist Underwear at 3526 N Halsted St. Check out that taut derrière and find the perfect accessory to show off the perfect package!

Satisfy All Your Appetites!

For a more romantic touch, head over to Wood at 3335 Halsted Street. Turn the heat up with your Bae at Chicago’s hottest restaurant! Drop by for brunch and order their cinnamon roll, and just think of all the places you could lick that cream cheese frosting off! For your evening’s entertainment, it’s gotta be Cellblock at 3702 N Halsted Street; casual in the front and seriously sexy in the back. Grab your favorite harness and head to the back bar for leather-clad muscles and porn on repeat. Be sure to visit the first Friday of every month for $4 drinks!
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