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Frequently Asked Questions - About Interactive Male

Interactive Male is a gay men’s chat line with 25 years of experience hooking guys up and getting them the hot chat they crave. You can make discreet, immediate connections with thousands of local sexy gay men or find some intense gay chat with guys across the country. No photos, no questionnaires, just a safe, discrete place for you to live out your wildest desires. Men from all walks of life use Interactive Male. From that hot butcher down the street with the huge forearms, to that sexy skater with the washboard abs you’ve seen at the park. They all come to Interactive Male because here guys can be themselves, no matter how far they want to go. Don’t worry, you’ll fit right in!

No, all the men on the chatline are real guys, just like you.

  • Call your local number
  • Grab our most popular package - Membership has its privileges!
  • Record your greeting in the Live Connector
  • Browse the hot greetings while the other hot guys on the system hear yours
  • When you hear someone who pushes your buttons send them a message or send them a request to connect one on one, man to man, for some private, uncensored, intense chat.

A Mailbox is like a richer, sexier version of email. It’s for guys to leave you messages when you’re not on the line, or if you’re busy in the Live Connection side. You can listen to all the hot mailbox ads, in all the categories, and record your own so other guys can leave messages for you. Be detailed and clear so you get the best results. Pick up your messages when you want, and respond to the hot ones and make a date to meet on in the Live Connector for some some intense man to man chat.

The Live Connector is like walking into a bar full of hot men, except you don’t have to deal with the crowds, the high drink prices, or the attitude. In the live connector you can browse through all the sexy men by listening to their greetings. Find someone super sexy? Send them a message, or, if you’re really turned on, send them a connection request to get into a private, steamy conversation where you can both explore your wildest fantasies.

In both the Live connector, and the Mailboxes, you can be yourself, who you really are, no matter who you have to be at work or at home.