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Frequently Asked Questions - Membership

Yes, a paid membership may be used from any phone.

Your membership number gives you access to Interactive Male, and your pass code is like your bank PIN number so it is important to keep these numbers private and not to share them with anyone.. To protect yourself and your mailbox from fraudulent use, call our friendly, 24-hour Customer Service at 1-800-661-6168 if you lose your numbers. For your security, you might be asked to verify your personal information. Remember your membership number is different from your mailbox number.

DO NOT GIVE IT TO THEM. No one from Interactive Male will ever contact you while you are on the system. If you get a message from someone claiming to be from Interactive Male make sure you block and flag them but pressing 7, then 7 again, after hearing their message or greeting.

In the Live Connector, time is deducted from your membership once you are listening to other greetings of guys using the Connector. In the mailbox system it is free to listen to ads and time is deducted from your membership when you reply to ads or listen to the responses in your mailbox. Time is deducted from your membership on a per-minute basis and the system will inform you when time is being deducted.

Your Membership will last as long as you want as long as it remains active. To keep your Membership active you need to log in and use time. If your Membership remains unused for a period of 3 months it will be deactivated without refund.

The system will inform you of your membership balance when you log on. You will be given the option to purchase more time when your balance is less than 20 minutes. The system will also warn you when your membership balance reaches two minutes.