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Create a personal mailbox in one, or all, of our 5 categories. People will be able to leave you hot messages 24/7, even when you’re not on the line.


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Jackson is the best city for real gay chat

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As cities go, Jackson is a tough one. You won’t find any gayborhoods here, and there aren’t a ton of specifically gay hangouts. LGBTQ rights aren’t up to scratch here, but the community is defiant and keen to change that. There are likeminded people throughout Jackson, you just have to know where to look! But let’s be honest, dating is hard. We all know it can be awkward and uncomfortable, and those blind dates with the guy who doesn’t know when to stop with the cologne are old news. But you’ve done the lonely nights and the month-long dry spells so it’s time to get out there again. This is it. You’ve signed up for a dating service and they’ve come through with a match made in internet heaven! Now come the butterflies and worrying about planning a truly awesome date. Check out our top places to go in Jackson, and throw up a massive middle finger to their backwards way of thinking!

Wild Fun

Become one with the animals and have a fun-filled day visiting the Jackson Zoo at 2918 West Capitol Street. Cute animals await! Spend some time with the hippos before checking out the adorable red pandas. Look up and see the giraffes before being tickled pink by the flamingos. If primates are your thing, say hi to the orangutans or take a walk with the lemurs. Catch one of the Keeper Chats about your favorite animal. With events throughout the year including a beer festival, there’s always plenty to see and do down at the zoo!

Get Ready to Drool

For cakes that are worth every single calorie, head to La Brioche at 2906 North State Street. Their pastries are to die for and their cakes are simply mouthwatering. All are made in-store with organic ingredients, so you can be naughty but keep it nice. They have an amazing selection of macaroons, and with flavors like Nutella, birthday cake and key lime pie, you won’t be able to say no! For a breakfast that’ll make you go weak in the knees, head to Primos Café and Bake Shop at 2323 Lakeland Drive in Flowood. It means taking a drive, but it’s so worth it. They have all the breakfast classics including fluffy buttermilk pancakes and chicken biscuits. It’s a big fat yes from us!


This is the place. This is the place in Jackson where you’ll feel the most at home and the most loved. Wonderlust is the hottest LGBTQ nightclub in Jackson. You’ll find it at 3911 Northview Drive, and it’s the best place to meet likeminded people and mingle in an environment open to everyone. Regular events such as drag shows and DJ dance parties make this the BEST night out in Jackson. The drinks are great and the bar staff are well worth looking at. So head down, shake that booty and cruise to your heart’s content. This is where it’s at.
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