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Create a personal mailbox in one, or all, of our 5 categories. People will be able to leave you hot messages 24/7, even when you’re not on the line.


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Orange County is the best city for real gay chat

California, here we come! Let’s be honest, dating is hard. We all know it can be awkward and uncomfortable, and those blind dates with the guy who doesn’t know when to stop with the cologne are old news. But you’ve done the lonely nights and the month-long dry spells so it’s time to get out there again. This is it. You’ve signed up for a dating service and they’ve come through with a match made in internet heaven! Now come the butterflies and worrying about planning a truly awesome date. Check out our Orange County top picks and you’ll be getting it on with your own surfer stud in no time.

Bibbity – Bobbity – Bae!

You NEED to head over to Anaheim where you will find the original and most perfect Disneyland. Need we say more? We’re gonna say it anyway! Is there a better place in the world to have a gay ol’ time than Disneyland? Be the dashing Prince for a day or find your inner Queen and rule all. Be sure to check out Disneyland in the fall when they have their very own gay pride event. Wear red to show your support and enjoy everything that’s on offer!

Beach, Please!

You’ll be spoiled for beachy choice when you head over to Laguna Beach. Pick from Main Beach, Victoria Beach or even Heisler Park if you’re feeling sculptures and tide pools. The O.C. is known for its pretty people and surfing gods, so you won’t be short on eye candy whichever beach you choose. Lay back and watch the lifeguards do their thing and oil up for some serious sun therapy.

Surf and Turf!

Satisfy your appetites at The Deck at 627 Sleepy Hollow Lane in Laguna Beach. Mouth-watering seafood and colorful cocktails await — by the end of the evening you’ll be heading home for dessert! For morning-after brunch, you have to head to Memphis at 2920 Bristol Street. Served daily until 3pm, have a frisky morning in bed before heading out and indulging in their stuffed french toast or heavenly pancake stack. Stay right on through until Happy Hour and you’ll be getting lucky again in no time.

Dance with Somebody!

Dance, dance, dance the night away at Main Street Bar and Cabaret at 1460 South Coast Highway. Karaoke Tuesdays and Cabaret Wednesdays ... there’s always something going on to get that body moving. With cool cocktails and plenty of cruising opportunities, you’ll be dancing with somebody as soon as you step through the door! For ambience and Happy Hours that never seem to end, head to Tin Lizzie Saloon at 752 Saint Clair. Orange County’s premier gay and lesbian bar is dimly lit to hide all manner of sin and pleasure! Get your drink on and find a dark corner to embrace that booty!
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