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Create a personal mailbox in one, or all, of our 5 categories. People will be able to leave you hot messages 24/7, even when you’re not on the line.


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San Antonio is the best city for real gay chat

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San Antonio has all the charm and attractions that The South has to offer, and that’s A LOT. History combined with hot places for gays to meet ... you’ll never be short on friends to make and things to do. But let’s be honest, dating is hard. We all know it can be awkward and uncomfortable, and those blind dates with the guy who doesn’t know when to stop with the cologne are old news. But you’ve done the lonely nights and the month-long dry spells so it’s time to get out there again. This is it. You’ve signed up for a dating service and they’ve come through with a match made in internet heaven! Now come the butterflies and worrying about planning a truly awesome date. Check out our San Antonio top tips and get Texas hot and heavy.

Walk It Off!

The San Antonio River Walk is THE best place to meet, mingle and cruise local talent and that special someone. Packed full of shops, bars, restaurants and juicy history to sink your teeth into you could waste a few hours wandering along the river bank. Stop off at a specific part or just spend time checking it all out before making your choice. There’s definitely plenty to see and do down by the river.

Bump and Bathe!

Relax and rejuvenate for raunchy fun at ACI Alternative Club at 827 E Elmira St. You’re sure to find someone to suit all moods and needs at this premier gay bathhouse. Get lost in the maze or just soak up some sun on the deck, before steaming it up in the steam room and sweating it out in the sauna. Their video rooms guarantee a good time, so be sure to visit before you head to the bunk room to find that perfect bunk buddy.

Burgers and Brunch!

Brunch it up at Candlelight at 3011 North St Mary’s. The décor is very Central Perk which makes it a great place to sit back, relax and let the food do the talking. We think we’ve found the BEST brunch in San Antonio and we challenge you to disagree! Their eggs benedict is to die fo,r and who doesn’t love a plate of waffles in the morning? Eat it all up and before long it’ll be your favorite brunch spot too. For the ultimate in burger goals then you need to check out Tycoon Flats at 2926 N St Mary’s Street. Gourmet burgers are a promise at this laid-back joint and you won’t be disappointed. Their signature burger hits the spot, but we recommend trying one of their specialty burgers for a real winner. Our favorite is the Fried Avocado Burger — mouthwatering! Daily Happy Hour and live music on the regular... You’ve found your new dinner diamond!
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