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The Art of Greetings

Your greeting is what draws guys in. Make yours memorable! The greetings below showcase our favorite guys and their greetings on Interactive Male. Check out these greetings to see why they are so irresistible and make yours just as desirable, if not more.

You won’t be able to resist a confident man like Dennis, who knows exactly what he wants... and when he wants it.

Dennis’ Tip:

“Speak clearly and let them know what you’re looking for, and when.”

Jamal is looking for guys who can handle something really big. Are you ready?!

Jamal’s Tip:

“It’s a good idea to listen to your greeting after you’ve recorded it to make sure you can be heard clearly.”

John says that there’s no better place than Interactive Male to explore your curiosity and secret fantasies with other men.

John’s Tip:

“Don’t be afraid to be yourself and go for what you really want.”

Remy is one hot, young Latin college student looking for a guy who knows his way around the city, and around a tight body.

Remy’s Tip:

“Don’t include any phone numbers, addresses or personal information in your greeting. You don’t want it falling into the wrong hands.”